December 6, 2015

Second Llyn turbine appeal dismissed by planners

By Kathryn Cummings | Cambrian News | 6 December 2015 |

A second appeal to overturn a decision to install another wind turbine on the Llyn Peninsula has been dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate.

Last week the Cambrian News reported that an appeal to erect a 67m turbine in Llanaelhearn had failed.

An appeal for a 50m wind turbine which was to be located at Tir Dafydd in Sarn has now been refused by the Planning Inspectorate.

The turbine plans were refused by planners of Gwynedd Council during a planning committee hearing in December last year.

In the report prepared by the planning inspector Aidan McCooey it said the main issues with the plans were the turbine would be located in an Outstanding Historic Interest area and views into and out of the Llyn Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There was also concern that there would be a visual impact of the proposal on nearby residents.

The report says: “The proposal would make a contribution to meeting renewable energy targets and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide.

“I recognise the stated benefits that the proposal and the electricity generated would bring to the appellant’s businesses, especially by protecting and creating local jobs.

“However, in weighing these benefits against the harm in relation to the landscape and visual impact of the proposal on the local area, the AONB and the Registered Landscape of Historic Interest, I conclude that the benefits do not outweigh the harm that could be caused. For these reasons, the appeal must be dismissed.”

Local campaigners who want to protect rural Gwynedd from the windpower industry have welcomed both the dismissed appeals.

A spokesperson for the group said: “The threat is over for the Llyn, for the time being at least. We’d like to thank everyone for their support.”

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