November 19, 2015
Letters, Maine

Windmills a bad deal

Bangor Daily News | Posted Nov 18, 2015 |

Adam Gavel’s Nov. 5 BDN letter to the editor implies that a wind power company with lots of money employs his environmental consulting group. I suspect Gravel’s group was asked to write this letter to keep their jobs.

As a wildlife biologist for more than 55 years, I have worked on many wildlife projects across the country with many of the wildlifers around. I have been involved with environmental consultants and have too often found them to be lacking in wildlife knowledge and in common sense.

Environmental assessments from consulting groups that I have seen regarding windmills and wildlife have been on too short a timeframe with inadequate data.

Windmills are destructive to wildlife, especially birds, and the scenic beauty of Maine and will not reduce the cost of electricity. Across America it has been recorded that windmills have killed dozens of bald and golden eagles, with no penalties levied on the windmill companies. If a private citizen killed an eagle, he would be penalized thousands of dollars and face jail time.

Windmill companies are too buddy-buddy with the politicians. Windmills will line the pockets of windmill companies with no financial return to Maine residents. TIF monies from windmill companies should be returned to residents and schools, not to the businesses.

Fred Hartman


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