November 17, 2015
Letters, Maryland

Alive and kicking

November 17, 2015 |

Some in the county are asking if an industrial wind turbine project proposed for the county by the Virginia developer, Apex, is still a possibility. That’s a reasonable question because no public statement from Apex has been issued recently on their intentions.

Keep Kent Scenic, a local organization devoted to educating Kent citizens on the negatives of constructing a wind utility of vast scope and obscene height in our community between Kennedyville and Chesterville, is gaining advocates. We want to thank the many residents of both Kent and Queen Anne’s for their support and their generous contributions to our cause.

Our Action Team is continuing efforts to deny Apex from establishing a beachhead on the Eastern Shore. While the open air Chestertown farmers market presence is winding down, our advertising campaign is continuing as is our radio participation, and we have public events in the planning stage. What’s ahead are more presentations to civic groups and high level dialog with those having influence on the power plant application approval process.

William Graham


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