November 11, 2015

‘Show-stopping’ opposition to plan for new-look turbines near Leuchars

By Craig Smith | The Courier | 11 November 2015 |

Plans for three revolutionary wind turbines in north-east Fife have been met with a “show-stopping” wave of opposition by residents.

Around 60 objections have now been lodged against Temporis Wind’s proposals to install new-look devices on Drumcarrow Hill near Strathkinness, with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) the latest to air its concerns over the blueprint.

Made by American company Ogin International, the turbines proposed use a much smaller rotor contained within a shroud or cowling system – making them look much different from typical turbines dotted around the Fife landscape.

Despite that, locals have called on the companies involved to pull their request for planning permission after the MoD said the turbines could have “potential flight safety implications” for the air traffic control radar at Leuchars, which is 7.75km away.

Gordon Ball, chairman of Cameron Community Council, told The Courier: “Representatives of Ogin and Temporis, the manufacturer and developer of these new turbines, told local communities the main attraction of jet engine turbines is that their lower turbines can produce three times the amount of energy as conventional turbines and its shrouded design and short, non-metallic blades inherently reduce radar cross-section and could therefore overcome radar objections.

“The MoD’s response shows this is manifestly not the case. No hard and fast data for the actual operation and impacts of these turbines exists, and it is obviously much too dangerous to test a prototype close to an important aviation base.

“With increasing threats from Russia, it is more important than ever that Leuchars is free to take on a larger role in protecting our national security.

“Residents didn’t want them as a community windfarm and they are now objecting to them in their droves on the Fife planning website.

“The applicant should do the decent thing and withdraw their application. Continuing it despite a show-stopping objection subjects local residents to completely unnecessary stress and creates unjustifiable planning blight.”

Temporis said it has identified 47 dwellings within 2km of the proposed windfarm that are liable to suffer the most immediate impacts on their amenity, although there are no plans to withdraw the application.

Comments on the application are still being taken by Fife Council planners up until Friday.

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