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CLF’s letter was a joke; factually incorrect, misleading

The recent article in the Messenger by Sandra Levin, an associate with Conservation Law Foundation, is a joke and bordering on delusional.

Ms. Levin states: “Key benefit to more renewable energy, like wind and solar, is their low or zero fuel cost.” The true costs come in the price tag of the wind project itself, which isn’t even touched upon in the article.
Let’s just take an average monthly bill of say $100, adjust up or down to meet your particular situation. Then we’ll look at Swanton Wind project of roughly $35,000,000 to set up, with decreasing efficiency every year until approximately 20 years at which time replacement is necessary. This amounts to $1,7450,000 per year just in initial costs. We know most lending institutions charge interest and lots of it, so let’s double that $1,750,000 to make it $3,500,000 with the interest and other miscellaneous expenses. This would be a break-even point, but wait, they have to make a profit on their investment, so let’s add more, a lot more. Isn’t your monthly power bill looking good? If this project ever gets through I believe we’ll all regret what we’ve allowed to happen.

It is reported that consumption of electricity accounts for only five percent of Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore focusing on the generation of electricity is not an effective method for reducing. Let’s look at the 95 percent areas where it’s really going to make a difference. This will not.

We, the people will pay for these wind projects, one way or another. Wind is the most expensive electricity known to mankind, creates eye pollution that can be seen forever, health hazards for some, noise [lots of it], extremely unhealthy for our waters and for our wildlife.

Can we stand together and “just say no?” You bet we can and hope all will join in with us by insisting/demanding local control, as we are more than capable, by contacting the governor’s office 828-3333. A real live person will answer the phone and give information to contact the Public Service Board as well as everyone else who needs to hear from us.

Pat Messier, Swanton