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No to Hallam wind farm

My wife and I have lived on an acreage in northwestern Lancaster County for 30 years. Having come from rural and agricultural backgrounds, we knew what to expect with regard to agricultural practices on neighboring farmland, and we accepted that willingly. However, I don’t think we could have been expected to anticipate that enormous, noisy, industrial wind turbines might be erected on that same land someday. Thus, I think it’s unreasonable today to expect the residents of the Hallam area to accept the proposed wind farm development as just another agricultural practice (“Wind energy company says rules may force it to nix plans,” Oct. 5).

I’m all in favor of alternative energy sources, but there has to be a better way. I don’t think a farmer’s presumed right to “harvest” the wind should supersede current residents’ rights to continue to enjoy the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to and not have their property values significantly diminished.

We’ve had experience with a small, privately owned wind turbine in our neighborhood. It’s less than a quarter the size of those being proposed for the Hallam area and within a quarter mile of us. While it’s clearly audible on windy days, it’s not a problem for us, but it’s enough to make me shudder at the thought of something four times that size being within earshot.

There are less densely populated areas that would be more appropriate for this project. I urge everyone to contact their county commissioner and express their thoughts on this issue before the Oct. 20 county board meeting.

John Buckley, Lincoln