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Lower turbine noise

On Oct.20, the decision of our safety regulations for the proposed industrial wind turbine project in southern Lancaster County will be in the hands of the county commissioners. The Lancaster County Health Department recommended safe sound levels for the protection of the people. On Aug. 19, the Lancaster County Planning Commission voted a narrow 5-4 to ignore and increase the noise levels in order to fit in this industrial wind project, going against what is safe for the people in order to move this project forward (“Wind turbine rules scaled back,” Aug. 20).

We need to trust what the experts have highly researched and studied and bring back the safe noise levels of 37 decibels during the night and 40 decibels during the day. What all of us need to know is sound changes with distance. Providing safe noise levels and safe setbacks does not eliminate a wind project. It means if you have enough land and provide enough distance from homes and communities, it means you have achieved a safe and responsible siting for an industrial wind project.

Commissioners, please keep Nebraska safe.

JoJen Allder, Cortland