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Outsiders have no business advocating wind turbines

It’s amazing that non-residents of Somerset feel qualified to sermonize about the virtues of wind farms. These arm-chair quarterbacks, with their misguided opinions and facts, preach on behalf of Pope Francis, while their property values remain steady, their personal health stable and their surroundings still picturesque.

Outsiders have no business advocating an environmental catastrophe on another locale. Wind turbines are appropriate mechanisms on brownfields, non-residential and former industrial sites. They are not appropriate for populated, orchard-rich farmland. Somerset needs to attract and invite residents and business to its doorstep, not frighten them away with wind turbines. Those farmers who have already “sold their souls” for quick income have done so by means of a multigenerational agreement bound to confidentiality by a gag order. To most of us in Somerset, such conditional, top-secret terms speak volumes about the integrity of the entire wind turbine advocacy.

Placing a wind farm in Somerset is tantamount to placing a hamburger franchise in the Grand Canyon. It’s inappropriate, misguided and a catastrophic blight to the region. We should all care deeply about our environment, and such projects should be the purview of the residents, and not outsiders.

Paul Ferington