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Turbines will destroy life along the lakeshore

The Sept. 3 article in the business section titled, “Profits gone with the wind,” cites loss of profits from 325-foot wind turbines. We live on a small sixth-generation farm in Somerset on the Lake Ontario shore. The prospect of 70 wind turbines 570 feet in height on the Route 18 corridor in the towns of Somerset and Yates, which is being considered by the state, is horrifying to contemplate.

These 570-foot turbines will be the height of some New York City skyscrapers and will be seen for miles in every direction. These two communities on the scenic lakeshore are not sparsely populated. These monstrous machines will affect thousands of people. We are also the flyway for many hundreds of migratory birds.

Our forefathers would be shocked to see what is being contemplated for this farmland they loved and cared for to be left to future generations of farmers and lovers of the land. There will be much more than “profits gone with the wind” if this project is allowed. Life as we know it will be “gone with the wind.”

Corky Coates