September 4, 2015

Campaigners meet in Cornwall to discuss opposition to plans for giant wind turbine

Plymouth Herald | September 04, 2015 |

Campaigners are to gather at a public meeting to discuss plans for opposing a wind turbine in Cornwall.

A meeting will be held at Whitsands Bay Holiday Park tomorrow morning to discuss objections of a wind turbine in Bridgemoor.

People living in the area fear the giant wind turbine could be a blot on the landscape and ruin views from Plymouth.

The plans, expected to be submitted this month, are for a 67-metre-high turbine to be built off Withnoe Lane between the villages of Freathy and St John, in Southeast Cornwall.

They are a joint venture between farmer David Turner and renewable energy co-operative Community Power Cornwall.

If the plans are approved, Mr Turner, whose family has farmed land on the Rame Peninsula since 1597, will own a 75 per cent stake in the wind turbine.

The community would have the chance to invest in the other 25 per cent through Community Power Cornwall.

A meeting is to be held in the Vaults room at Whistands Holiday Park at 11am tomorrow for campaigners to discuss how they will oppose the plans.

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