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Majestic or eyesore

Now what do you feel deserves to word majestic to be used to describe it. How about a sunrise or sunset or the Rocky Mountains, how about the Yellowstone National Park? Now I can think of a lot of places and things that I have driven thousands of miles to see that could justify the use of that word.

But wind generators is not one of them.

So what about eyesore, for me it’s something that takes away the beauty of its surroundings. Now at the end of all my trips I have made the same comment. It was great, but I wouldn’t want to live there and that goes double for when I passed through a wind farm. Now, some want to pimp out Rush County so that a few people can get rich and the county can collection a fraction of the taxes it should get. These things make the courthouse look the size of a dog house, and it can be seen miles from town. You will be able it see the wind generators from about anywhere.

If you live here for the same reasons that I do, don’t let them put 80 or 90 of these eyesores in our county. And this may only be the start. Think about the people who will have to live next door to them. Speak up people before it’s too late.

Marland Ratekin