August 26, 2015

Potential wind farm angers residents

By Jake Kislinsky on August 26, 2015 |

Wallaceburg residents were lined out the door to get information on a new potential wind project north of the town on Tuesday.

The Otter Creek Wind Farm, being produced by the company Boralex, is set to be a 60 MW project housing up to 20 turbines.

Boralex’s Patricia LeMaire says they want to be up front with residents about the project. “We want to let the population know we’re open to their comments and that we want to establish first contact.”

But residents didn’t necessarily like what they had to hear. Wallaceburg’s Richard Louzon is worried his property values will go down, and feels like their residence is being encroached upon. “That’s my home. No one likes to have their environment changed, especially if it has nothing to do with them.”

Fellow Wallaceburg resident Denise Shephard is worried how wildlife and plant life will be affected by the turbines. She believes there are a few areas, including a Californian woodlot on Dufferin Ave, the company isn’t considering. “The decision to violate Wallaceburg’s space when it’s clear we don’t want them, to inflict the pain and agony and annoyance is so frustrating.”

Construction on the project could get started by 2018. However, officials add environmental studies will need to take place first.

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