August 26, 2015

Concrete works to hold public consultation over plans for new turbine near St Just

The Cornishman | August 25, 2015 |

Leswidden Concrete Works will be holding a public consultation in regards to a planning proposal for an additional wind turbine on its site near St Just.

Currently, there is one turbine on the site, which has been situated there for three years.

Mike Roberts, from Leswidden Concrete Works, said: “We’ve had the existing turbine on site for three years and we feel there’s been no problems so far from noise or visual impact. The new turbine will look the same and will help power our business which will reduce our bills and of course reduce carbon emissions.”

Interested parties can attend the consultation on Friday August 28 between 2pm and 4pm at the Leswidden Concrete Works. Additionally, there will be an evening consultation at the Dog and Rabbit Café in St Just between 5pm and 7pm on the same day, where the company will show photomontages of the proposal and maps indicating the location of the proposed turbine.

Mr Roberts continued: “If the turbine goes ahead then a 10kW Solar array will be offered to the local school and there will be a yearly fund of £2500 for local community groups to do environmental projects. All in all everyone should benefit.”

The company claim that local developers believe it to be an appropriate location for the new turbine due to it being a brownfield site, and that it is proving to be one of the best sites within the UK in terms of energy production.

Compared to the existing turbine, the new one will have blades 1.2 metres longer, and is predicted to produce 330,000 kWh per year – the same amount of energy as 100 average homes.

Energy being produced by the turbines will be used on site at the Leswidden Concrete Works, and the company has also received a grid connection offer from Western Power.

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