August 25, 2015

Controversial wind power plant project halted in Aegean province after villagers’ protests

Ana Sayfa, Yurt Haberleri | 25.08.2015 |

In Ovacık Village of Urla district in Aegean province of İzmir, after villagers” protests against fell trees in forestland to construct wind power plant, the administrative tribunal of İzmir have decided to halt the execution of the project, this time a limine.

Recently, the court has stop the execution temporarily and 1789 pine and fruit trees have been saved, after the court launched inspection in the region with a panel of experts of three people.

Protests among villagers have sparked in June and multiple court cases have been filed on behalf of the villagers. Residents of Ovacık Village have been stand watching the forestry area against the constructions, while after the first decision of court, 20 trees have been already cut down.

The new court decision highlighted the contradiction between the ministry’s construction plan and the İzmir Municipality’s environmental planning, and pointed to the “potential irreparable damage that the constructions could cause over the woodland, and the status of the village as “first state-designated natural protected area”, have impacts on the harmony, unity, sustainability in the forestry.

Despite the promising decision, lawyer of the villagers Hande Atay added that the company would not be able to even bang a nail there, announced the protesters would be waiting for the cancellation of the implementation.

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