August 19, 2015

Wind turbines run into turbulence

August 18, 2015 |

SIOUX CITY, IA – Crews hauling three, huge blades for wind turbines have run into some turbulence.

They’ve been stranded for days on the Riverside Boulevard exit by a paperwork snafu, and Mother Nature.

The trucks were on the way to Omaha, but the Iowa DOT says they didn’t pre-survey the route, and that’s kept them from getting the proper paperwork.

And the heavy rains we’ve had led to one of the trucks getting stuck.

The DOT says they’re now trying to line up paperwork to cross the Vets Bridge into South Sioux City, and go the rest of the way on Highway 77.

To do that they’ll also need to get the proper permits from the state of Nebraska.

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