August 11, 2015

Wind farm sparks debate with Macon County residents

Monday, August 10, 2015 |

A wind farm with about 140 wind turbines scattered around Macon County is cause for great debate and homeowners said they don’t want them placed in their yards.

“We really chose to have a different life for our children,” said Amelia Finch.

Finch said, she grew up in Chicago and didn’t want her children to experience city living like she did.

Many people in Maroa, rural Warrensburg and Forsyth have similar stories as to why they decided to live in the rural areas of Macon County. That’s why about two dozen people came out to voice their concerns at Finch’s home. They told WAND they are against the Twinforks Wind Farm.

“What’s going to happen to our country living? We don’t feel that our voices have been heard and we don’t feel that we have been informed of this process,” said Nikki Householder.

She is against adding about 140 wind turbines and especially three within thousand feet from her home.

Alan Ruwe said, after looking at the map, he and his wife are “surrounded on all sides.”

Most of their concerns regard losing the value of independent homes, concerns about health and safety and worries about the sub-audible sound that they said can cause physiological effects.

Many of the home owners at Finch’s meeting on Monday night plan to attend one of many meetings Tuesday morning at 8:30 at 141 South Main Street. Since many of them said they didn’t receive mailings about the wind farm, this will be their first time speaking with city leaders regarding the Twinforks Wind Farm.

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