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A solution to turbine infrasound?

(Regional) –

As communities struggle with some residents being ill because of nearby wind turbines, one man believes he’s come up with a viable solution.

Kevin Dooley of Kevin Allan Dooley Incorporated says his group has invented what is called an Infrasound Suppression Device (ISD) which is intended to suppress infrasound inside a home in which it is installed.

Dooley was making a presentation recently to a Kincardine Committee of the Whole meeting which was dealing with a possible noise and infrasound testing near the Armow Wind Turbine project, expected to go into operation before the end of the year.

He says they’ve determined that infrasound and motion sickness go hand in hand and it’s why some people who live near turbines are constantly sick and need to leave the area to relieve their symptons.

Dooley suggests the ISD is a pressure regulator, about the size of a portable air conditioner, that keeps the pressure inside the home at a constant value compared to outside.

Without it, turbine infrasound creates fluctuating air pressures inside the home which causes the ailments many people have complained of near the turbines.

Dooley states on the company website, “This (the ISD) appears to be the first and only solution to the problem. A prototype has been developed and has undergone laboratory and field-testing, which has shown the system concept as being completely viable. The device will be the first appliance-type solution that can be offered to homeowners and people affected by the infrasound issue, which is widely believed to be primarily responsible for Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS).”

Dooley says right now the devices don’t come cheap at $11,000 but it would be his intention to lease the machines with possibly the turbine farm developers paying the cost.

He points out he’s not particularly against wind turbines but feels any fight by citizens or municipalities, should not be based on health issues, if they can be solved and he believes they can.

Dooley says there are other arguments that can be used to fight wind turbines but a solution is needed for those suffering from Wind Turbine Syndrome.