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Shadow flicker

I’ve read various pro and con articles pertaining to the proposed Apex wind farm near Kennedyville.

Pat O’Brien, an Irish dairy farmer, recently shared his story with me:

“We live adjacent to a small wind farm that was constructed eight years ago. The nearest turbine to our home is about 520 meters (0.32 miles) and there are turbines closer to other neighbors. There are more than 40 homes within 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) of the wind farm.

“It is very easy to be spellbound by $20,000 for 25 or 30 years. It is easy to imagine what you you could do with all that money. However, it is difficult to imagine the actual size of a turbine until it is before your eyes, taller than ‘the Spire’ in Dublin, 398 feet. It is difficult to to imagine what shadow flicker is until your home is covered by huge moving shadows that can make you dizzy and disoriented. It is difficult to imagine the level of disturbance caused by the noise.

“This is our reality and has been for the last eight years. We were assured that the turbines would not impact on our lives and we were naive enough to believe these assurances because we didn’t want to ‘go against our neighbors’ as is the tradition in the country. It was too late when we realized our mistake.”

Pat and Claire left the farmhouse they built for their family about a month ago; they now live a mile away and commute to the farm.

Robert Fry