July 9, 2015

Tivnikli’s company to erect wind turbines in area where historical ruins uncovered

Today's Zaman | July 09, 2015 | www.todayszaman.com

The Silivri Enerji Inc. owned by businessman Abdullah Tivnikli will continue the construction of wind turbines in the village of Fener in the Silivri district of İstanbul despite ancient historical ruins being found at the site following an archaeological excavation, a daily has said.

The Radikal daily wrote on Thursday that while the construction was ongoing, ancient graves and walls that were each one meter wide were uncovered during the excavations. The daily underlined that the site should have been declared a first-degree protection zone by the Regional Board of Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets, but that no decision has yet been made by the board. The company is alleged to have asked the board to pour cement on the ancient ruins to prevent it from being looted by the treasure hunters and continue their construction of the turbines.

The daily also reported that the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council changed the zoning limitation in the construction area in June 2011, clearing the way for the construction of the power plant on the site.

It was after work began to construct the two wind turbines in February 2014 that the historical ruins were uncovered after which the company’s officials informed the İstanbul Archaeology Museum of the finds. The ruins are believed dating back to the Hellenistic and Roman eras and experts agree that the site should be declared a first-degree protection zone as soon as possible, the report emphasized.

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