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Windmills an unreliable power source

It’s like the movie Groundhog Day. But not as funny. Or the monster in the movies who keeps coming back to life. Dominion Power keeps resurfacing with the same tired argument that ruining East River Mountain and the cities of Bluefield with wind turbines will be a benefit to anyone other than themselves. They just can’t seem to get the promise of government subsidies, to their profit, to put up a bunch of pretty much worthless wind turbines on East River Mountain.

Regardless of where they have been built, from Scandinavia to the Great Plains, wind turbines have been next to worthless. They leak oil, they break down and stand forever, at least until they biodegrade, meanwhile providing a pittance of power when the wind blows. This disrupts the entire power gird since their erratic contribution requires other reliable, tried and tested power sources, to shut down and reopen, at great further expense.

Meanwhile, the same government that wishes to force an ancient and obsolete technology on us, using distractions like the fairy tale of global “climate change,” is doing its best to destroy a proven and reliable power source. A necessary consequence, according to the people who sit in Washington and Brussels making the rules, is destroying the livelihood of many thousands of people and their families who actually work for a living. This in contrast to the windmill pushers, who actually “work” for the taxpayer, since it is we who pay taxes to give subsidies to the windmill providers.

In the unlikely event that, in about 18 months, someone is elected endowed with honesty, knowledge, as well as common sense, our national debt will continue to increase. Our freedoms, quality of life, and interpersonal relationships will continue to decline.

Stephen DeGray

Bluefield, Va.