June 5, 2015
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Wind farms detrimental to wildlife

Letter: Wind farms detrimental to wildlife | The State Journal-Register | Jun. 5, 2015 | www.sj-r.com

When the feathers hit the fan, it is no longer an euphemistic expression. Rather, it is a serious threat to the ecosystem.

As a part of the clean energy program, wind turbines are increasingly built across the country as a “smart” industry to generate energy, but the unintended consequences are killing birds like a slaughterhouse as they fly into the turbines, particularly during migration.

According to the Wildlife Society Bulletin, it is estimated that wind turbines kill 573,000 birds nationwide each year, including 83,000 hawks, eagles and other raptors. The carnage is much worse for bats with a total of 888,000 annually. Bats are known to use bio-sonar or radar, also known as “echolocating,” to hunt for food, including, among other things, mosquitoes.

Yet, wind farms enjoy special treatment, free from prosecution. But this is not how they treat oil or power company when birds drown in waste pits or fry on power lines. It is quite possible, however, that technological innovations will produce less lethal fans and more energy without doubling the number of existing turbines.

Our current wind farms leave much to be desired. We can’t help but voice our deep concerns for wildlife, especially endangered and threatened species.

Chansoo Kim


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