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Public discussion on wind turbines held

During Monday’s county commissioner meeting, a number of Rush County citizens raised questions on the possibility of energy producing wind turbines being erected in the county.

Two public meetings have been scheduled on the matter. The public meetings will be held at 6 p.m. on July 1 and July 30 in the Root Building located on the Rush County Fairgrounds.

Prior to those meetings, those in attendance Monday voiced their concerns regarding Rush County zoning issues, the possibility in the future of placing turbines in the southern part of the county, and more importantly, they asked the county leaders to not be rash in making any decisions regarding the issue.

“I feel the county needs to do a lot of research regarding environmental and noise issues on wind turbines. I urge the commissioners to use due diligence on this thing and not adhere to the propaganda these companies put out,” Center Township resident Ralph Adams said.

Commissioner Bruce Levi said that he, his fellow commissioners and the county as a whole are still in the learning mode regarding wind turbines and their effect on the county.

“We are all learning on this topic. Right now, this wind turbine issue is splitting the county right down the middle and that is not want we want to do,” Levi said.

County resident Stu Linville asked if another company was looking at the possibility of placing the controversial turbines in the southern part of the county, since it was learned the county leaders allowed the request for GIS data to be released in February.

The county leaders said that GIS information is available to anyone upon request and is a part of public records.

Commissioner for the southern district of the county Mark Bacon said that a lot of listening and learning is currently being done by the county leaders during this stage of the wind turbine issue.

“We are looking at every side of this topic and making sure we do the right thing for the entire county,” Bacon said.

County resident Terry Hall questioned the roll Rush County zoning regulations will have regarding the final decision by saying, “Our (Rush County) zoning issue is completely inaccurate regarding this issue.”

Prior to closing the public discussion, commissioner Mark Bacon said the county has made no decision on the matter.

“Please don’t assume this is a done deal. Once we have all the information that is available, we (commissioners) are going to make a decision that is in the best interest of the whole county. Before that decision is made, we are looking at all sides and listening to all those that want to speak,” Bacon said.