May 24, 2015

Planners bid to stop controversial turbines going up near tiny King Edward

By Jamie Ross | The Press and Journal | 23 May 2015 |

Local authority planners will next week urge councillors to block proposals three massive wind turbines near a Banffshire village.

Farming company Inicio-Fresco Ltd wants to erect the devices on land east of Cairnandrew at King Edward, but is facing opposition from residents.

Seventy-eight objections from members of public have been lodged with the council.

Members of the local authority’s Banff and Buchan area committee are due to discuss plans for the trio of 252ft turbines on Tuesday.

Residents are concerned about the impact the devices would have on tourism and local wildlife.

And council officials are worried about the cumulative impact the scheme would have on the landscape.

The local authority’s director of infrastructure service, Stephen Archer, said: “The proposal is considered to be inappropriate in this location due to its size and position as it is likely to impact on the character or appearance of an open landscape in conjunction with other approved turbines in the vicinity.

“The recommendation must therefore be for refusal.”

But 1 Stop Renewables, the agent acting for the farming firm, claims the project would ultimately boost the local jobs market.

In a design statement submitted along with the planning application, 1 Stop says the scheme would also provide financial assistance to community groups and feed power into the National Grid.

It added: “The project will provide financial assistance for the church, church hall and primary school in King Edward, which all need financial help to service the needs of the local community.

“The income generated from the wind turbines will also be reinvested in further agricultural and environmental improvement work, which in turn will create further employment opportunities for the local area.”

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