May 5, 2015
Letters, Nebraska

Negatives of wind farm

The Banner-Press | May 5, 2015 |

As a resident of southeast Butler County who lives potentially in the direct path of the proposed wind farm project, I feel the negatives of this project, for not only the landowners who allow these towers on their land, but for their neighbors and other members of the community, far outweigh any advertised benefits that the wind tower company try to make us all believe.

The wind tower company claims they want to be partners with the people and communities they are dealing with but fail to reveal the long term affects their project will have on everyone involved. The obvious “benefit,” especially for those who sign with the company and actually get a tower or towers on their property, is the monetary reward they will receive. I am not trying to criticize anyone who has already signed contracts, since they have that right as landowners, but I would like anyone who is undecided to look at not only how they might benefit personally from signing a contract but more importantly, how their decision will affect their neighbors, communities, and everyone who lives in the area for many years to come.

We are all supposed to be in favor of alternative energy but at what cost for those of us who have to live around these towers. Are we just supposed to put up with the noise, vibration, shadow flicker, red lights at night, not to mention having to look at these eyesores across the hilltops of the Bohemian Alps so the electricity they produce can be shipped out of our state to cities in another part of the country? I urge everyone who lives in the area and does not want to have to live with these towers to become involved in the efforts to stop this project.

Dan Zysset, Brainard

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