May 5, 2015

Carrach wind turbines approved after Scottish Government overturns council’s refusal

5 May 2015 |

The Scottish Government has overturned Angus Council’s decision to refuse a glens windfarm.

The Carrach development near Kingoldrum was refused by the local authority last year.

But Scottish Government reporter Dan Jackman has allowed two turbines at Welton – with 19 conditions.

The Carrach Windfarm LLP had previously applied for nine wind turbines on the same site in 2012.

This was recommended for approval by council officers but was voted against by councillors following passionate debate.

An appeal by the firm was dismissed by a reporter.

The council’s planning officers had originally refused the new application due to unacceptable adverse landscape impact and visual impact on surroundings.

But Mr Jackman wrote: “It is important to recognise that some cumulative landscape and visual impacts are an inevitable consequence of both the policies of the development plan and of the Scottish Government.”

Historic Scotland made no objection but noted there would be “impact” on the setting of a scheduled monument at Brankam Hill, characterised by cairns and burial mounds.

The body’s regional officer Rory McDonald said: “We acknowledge that there will be an impact upon the setting of a scheduled monument if this development is to gain planning permission.

“We are content, however, that the impact will not be so severe as to raise issues of national importance.

“Therefore Historic Scotland offers no objection to this development.”

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