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Town of Dix neighbors voice concerns about possible windfarm

Neighbors from the Town of Dix and even some neighbors from surrounding towns met Monday to discuss the possibility of building wind turbines in the town.

The board did not vote Monday on a final outcome. Board members decided there is still research to be done in order to make an educated decision. At the public hearing tonight, neighbors were able to ask questions and raise concerns about the potential consequences of building a wind farm. Some of the main concerns were health related, concerns for wild life like birds and bats, and the decrease in value of property close to the turbines.

“I hope we answered a lot of them in the law that we presented here. We contracted with an engineering firm that has experience with two other wind farms and we are just trying to cross all of our T’s and don’t all of our I’s,” Dix Town Supervisor, Harold Russell said.

Some neighbors say whatever the outcome is, they just hope people are educated and get involved. Neighbors from the close by town of Catlin say they can attest to the amount of weight your voice holds if you speak up.

“Become more involved and become more aware of how this law will impact them. If they’re okay with it that’s fine, that’s their town so that’s their decision. I think it’s important that they understand the long-term consequences of the decisions are going to make,” a Catlin neighbor, Joseph Calderone said.

For more information on the Town of Dix Wind Energy Conversion Systems Law, go to TownOfDix.com.