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Hundreds of rural Australians are watching wind energy company Pacific Hydro implode and can’t help but smile.

More heads are rolling at the company.

Multiple senior directors and executives are gone – and so is about $700m of mums’-and-dads’ superannuation investments.

Now the company’s general manager Mr Lane Crockett is to pack his bags and clean out his office.

Apparently, Pacific Hydro’s internal governance is looking rather bad.

Some commentators say it’s recorded one of the biggest corporate losses in this nation’s history and are urging people with any wind energy investments to withdraw immediately.

Mr Crockett, you are well aware of the misery Pacific Hydro has inflicted on this community and others in southern Australia.

Big business before people is company philosophy, I believe.

Newspaper editors would never print the words being used about the loss of these once –cosy Pacific Hydro jobs that have cost others so dearly, so I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

It is my hope, Mr Crockett, you and others of your ilk will take some long lonely walks to reflect on your treatment of people who want nothing more than to live safely in their houses as they did before Pacific Hydro moved in.

It is my hope that you will never again use corporate power in the way it has been used.

Goodbye Mr Crockett.

Just to keep us smiling, Infigen Energy has delivered a stroke of genius, recently blaming its own woeful financial status on… wait for it…the wind.

Mother Nature has been too sedate to fill company coffers.

I suspect all of our forebears, who long ago realized the inadequacy of wind power, are laughing in their graves.

Meanwhile, in regards to real estate.

What do you do when real estate agents from far and wide come to many homes in this area and describe them as beautiful Barossa properties – then ask where 45 kilometres of wind turbines could go, courtesy of Pacific Hydro, Trustpower and their handful of hosts?

What do you do when you show them, and their entire attitude visibly changes?

What do you say when agents describe the planned industrial impact as “oppressive”?

What do you do when they can see just how many other Barossa properties will be significantly impacted?

What do you do when agents advise you to ‘get out’ before turbine construction begins?

How do you just up and leave, when you’ve spent decades investing in your property?

What do you do when wind power employees want names of real estate agents so they can send their men around to ‘have a little chat with them’?

What do you do when real estate agents say “if people around me ever did this to my neighbourhood, I’d sit here and cry”?

To that, you simply reply: ‘been there, done that’.

And then you fight for it.

M Teusner
Eden Valley