March 31, 2015

‘Secret ruling’ on Mid Wales wind farms a disgrace, says Ukip candidate

Shropshire Star | March 31, 2015 |

Suggestions that controversial plans to build a series of wind farms across Mid Wales have been given the go-ahead in secret are “disgraceful” if true, it has been claimed.

Reports suggest that plans for three of the five giant wind farms planned for Mid Wales, along with 30 miles of pylons have been given the go-ahead following a public inquiry.

But the decision is being kept under wraps by Lib Dem Ed Davey, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, until after the General Election in a bid to protect the Lib Dems chance of winning the Montgomeryshire seat, it has been claimed.

Des Parkinson, Ukip candidate for Montgomeryshire, said the leak was a “huge blow” to the region.

He said: “It was only the day before these claims that I was spending time with the campaigners who are so passionately fighting these plans.

“I am completely opposed to the plans and can assure anyone that I would stand in their way should they get given the go-ahead.

“This would be a huge blow, but until the decision is confirmed we will keep fighting.”

Russell George, Montgomeryshire AM, has led the campaign against the pylons in the Welsh Assembly.

He said: “I was surprised by this apparent leak. We will only know what the truth is when we have an official announcement from the next Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, and I hope that will be a Conservative minister.

“The people of Mid Wales and Shropshire are familiar with the former Liberal Democrats minister’s views in support of more wind farms.

“We have already had confirmation that a Conservative government would end onshore wind farm subsidies.”

A statement from Montgomeryshire Against Pylons added: “The article mentioned three of the wind farms and not all five.

“Also, until we get more info, we still won’t know what our next step will be.”

The planning inquiry, which was held in Welshpool, was completed in May 2014.

A spokesman at the Department of Energy and Climate Change said Mr Davey had “relinquished making any decision” and instead left it to his successor after the general election in May.

However, a source quoted in a Sunday newspaper said the decision was not announced because the wind farms will wreck any lingering hopes that the Liberal Democrats had of regaining Montgomeryshire.

Jane Dodds, Lib Dem candidate for Montgomeryshire was unavailable to comment.

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