March 29, 2015
New York

Wind power stirs up controversy in Henderson

Story Published: Mar 29, 2015 | WWNY TV |

When water meets land, there’s wind. And when wind meets windmill, there’s controversy.

Some residents in Henderson don’t want to see those blades spinning and lights blinking across the Harbor.

“Unfortunately, it would ruin the character of the island,” said Mitch Franz, Henderson Harbor Guides Association Vice President.

Bill Moore of Hudson Energy Development, that’s the man who brought the Maple Ridge wind farm on the Tug Hill, is proposing 32 wind towers on Galloo Island.

The island is in the Town of Hounsfield. So the town, county, and Sackets Harbor school stand to gain.

All some Henderson residents say they’ll be getting, is a ruined view.

“To see these machines up there, making their noises, that some people really object to, is going to be something that’s going to spoil the view,” said Howard Budd, Henderson resident.

Galloo Island lies 11 miles away from Henderson Harbor. Stony Island Sits in the middle between Galloo and Henderson Harbor.

It’s unclear whether residents would be able to see the turbines. That depends on how high the structures end up being built.

Opponents are confident summer residents will be against this project.

I’m sure that all of the people that rallied against the project during the summer as those years went by. They’ll be returning soon, and the rally will be there,” said Budd.

In Hounsfield though, Town supervisor Tim Scee, says the town board and planning board are 100 percent behind the project.

Galloo is privately owned and Scee says the developer hopes to buy the island.

You may remember Little Galloo Island next door, where DEC workers terminated cormorant eggs to protect the fish population.

We called the entire Henderson Town Council last week and received no word back. The developer, Bill Moore, declined an interview for now. Calling the project a “work in progress”

As the project comes together, the debate will continue. Because a windmill blade, as we know, is double-edged.

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