March 25, 2015
South Dakota

South Dakota group strongly opposes wind farm project

Mo Haider | ABC9 News | 03/24/2015 |

A year ago, Dakota Power Community decided to put up a meteorological tower to test the potential for wind power in the Lincoln County. The temporary tower is supposed to be the first of many and would collect data for proposed wind farm projects in the Bereseford, South Dakota area, but some folks who own land on the proposed site are looking to stop the project in its tracks.

“The people who put it up and are talking say, the met towers, the ones they’re protesting, they don’t like the look of them,” said Jim Fedderson, VP Of Dakota Power Community Wind. However, the members of ‘We Care- South Dakota’, a group that lives in the footprints of the proposed farm, claim the sound waves from wind farms can cause problems

“There’s pretty strong evidence, that it can cause depression, it can enhance migraines, it can cost cognitive recognition, it can impact birth rates, and dairy production,” said Winnie Peterson, Chair of We Care-SD. However, those who support the project say there’s no evidence to support those claims, and the wind turbines would be about a thousand feet from any residence.

“Which is three and a half the size of a a football field, so for somebody hearing something from that distance is virtually impossible,”said Fedderson. Even though opponents voiced their concerns to representatives in Lincoln County, the County Zoning Commission still may allow the project move forward. Right now, only one tower is completed, and Dakota Wind wants to add 4 more. Since the towers will eventually be taken down, they will reapply for temporary permits.

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