March 13, 2015

Wind farm industry weighs into New South Wales election campaign

By Michael Condon | ABC Rural | March 13, 2015 |

The wind farm industry has called on all New South Wales election candidates to declare whether or not they support wind farms being built.

Andrew Bray, national co-ordinator of the Wind Alliance, said wind farms were a perfect fit on many farms and could really boost jobs and economic activity in rural areas.

“Voters have the right to know how the candidates stand on wind farms and whether they will support wind turbines being built,” he said.

“New wind projects are really drivers for regional economies.

“There is a real strong natural wind resource around New South Wales and that wind resource can be developed and harnessed to create jobs and also to provide energy that is clean and not damage farmland.

“Wind farms coexist really well with grazing, in particular, and it doesn’t use water and it is no threat to the water table, compared with coal seam gas or mining operations.

“It is the kind of energy-producing technology that can work well with farming land.”

Mr Bray said wind farms were supported by candidates of all political persuasion, not just the Greens or Labor.

Federally Queensland Coalition MP Warren Enstch had been very supportive as had Rob Stokes, a NSW state Liberal.

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