March 6, 2015

Clean energy legislation to impact monthly energy bills

By Matthew Searcy | WSIL | Story Created: Mar 6, 2015 |

Illinois lawmakers are considering legislation that would raise energy rates across the state. A newly proposed clean energy bill seeks to cut down on carbon emissions but comes at a cost.

If approved, electric bills could increase by about $2 a month.

“The two dollar increase isn’t that bad for cleaner air,” said Energy resident Brodie Morris. “I definitely am pro environment. But I feel like that is something the state should be handling and not us as the consumers.”

“I’m in favor of anything that rebuilds our infrastructure and our energy grid,” explained Hurst resident Dave Merchant.

Under the current proposal energy companies would be required to boost their share of power coming from green sources to 35 percent by 2030. The law would force companies to begin focusing on wind turbines and solar panels as viable forms of energy.

“It’s time that we revisit the plan that we have for how we are going to be delivering electricity in the future,” said state representative Elaine Nekritz

She admits that the current proposal would increase energy prices but says the expense is well worth the cost because it will decrease carbon emissions.

“When we invest in renewable energy, in new solar and new wind generation, the price of that is passed along in electric rates,” explained Nekritz.

Ceaner energy is just one of the benefits, the bill will also add jobs throughout the state.

“This bill will add 32,000 jobs each and every year,” said Nekrtiz. “That is simply because there are wind turbines to be built and solar panels to be installed.”

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