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Bad winds blowing in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is world-renowned for its spectacular sunsets. There’s even a famous country song that says you’ll think heaven’s doors have opened if you see one.

Yet from southeast to northwest Oklahoma, that iconic view is being obstructed. The culprit? Wind turbines. And it’s about to get worse.

In 2014, Oklahoma added 3,782 megawatts of wind power and is planning to add 2,000 more in 2015. With this increase, wind would make up nearly 25 percent of Oklahoma’s power generation.

Enough is enough.

Not only are these wind turbines blighting our countryside, they’re making billions of dollars for foreign companies that failed in Europe as Germany and others figured out wind doesn’t work. In addition, these foreign companies are not required to pay property taxes that benefit local schools and communities. Yet, at the same time, they’re collecting billions of dollars in subsidies from the state and nation.

Enough is enough.

Furthermore, these wind turbines kill more than a million birds across the country every year, including golden eagles, bald eagles and other endangered species. Whereas you or I would be charged with a felony and a $250,000 fine for killing a bald eagle, wind companies get off scot-free.

Enough is enough.

Europe has already provided the road map for failure. We must not let these failed foreign companies get their second wind in Oklahoma. It will cost Oklahoma more than subsidies and taxes. It will cost us our core identity and our scenic sunset view at the end of each day.

Steve Combs is owner of Burnt Barrel Hunts. His family owns Combs Cattle Co., a farming and ranching business that has been in operation for 52 years in northwest Oklahoma.