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Green spin is a disgrace

We are all individual, but for some who never leave the comfort zone their concept of place and perspective is completely different to some who prefer and who enjoy being in the outdoor environment and in the more remote areas of Shetland, places such as the hills and lochs of Scallafield.

There are bound to be differences of opinion for that very reason alone and for some it matters not one jot if the whole of Shetland was covered in a turbine forest as far as the eye can see, just as long as it can be seen as potential for financial gain at any cost.

For individuals who do not find recreation in these kinds of remote areas can we say that out of sight is out of mind? If that is Shetland’s case then it becomes an even greater tragedy and one of blind ignorance from grey men in grey suits surrounded by grey concrete.

I would urge these individuals who are able to do so to walk into the hills and view the scene from the top of Scallafield and perhaps try to understand the loss that will be experienced by people who have an affinity with Shetland’s natural landscape and heritage.

The land and the landscape is deep rooted in the psyche. To drastically alter or change such a fundamental thing will induce a mental conflict with great sadness and tragedy for Shetlanders like myself. Nothing could be more painful than to watch helpless as blanket bog, heather and moorland fall before the bulldozers and metal monsters.

When the Viking Energy project was first mooted it was presented as a green project to help save the planet. Now it has grown fat on broken promises to mutate its true form, a subsidy derived money machine full of new uncertain promises to feed the gluttonous system and damn the consequences to either people or the environment.

Meanwhile we fight among ourselves while Viking Energy dangles gold carrots before greedy eyes and drooling mouths. For those who accept that, take time to reflect if you have a conscience that you have sacrificed both people, birds and wildlife for the sake of blood money.

Shetland Charitable Trust millions have been earmarked for the project and who knows at the end how much will be sucked from the cash cow before completion.

In short it is one extreme high-risk venture and could bankrupt Shetland. With a shift in governmental policy regarding wind-power subsidy we may be left with a colossal white elephant and environmental disaster rusting in the hills.

This project is all about making money, not saving the planet, and the green spin that has accompanied this development from day one is a disgrace and a slur on the intelligence of all Shetlanders.

All blanket bog is protected by legislation and destruction on the proposed scale for this colossal windfarm brings the question of negative carbon saving during its projected life.

No matter how the so called experts onboard try to spin the figures on carbon payback and benefit to the environment.

The industrialisation of vast areas of blanket bog is slowly being recognised as one of mans greatest follies in the battle against global warming.

If the destructive windfarm is built, then for me they will have removed the desire to go and walk among these once peaceful hills and lochs they will have removed the choice that I once had.

They will have sanctioned the death of Shetland’s landscape. They will have placed in the midst of nature an unrelenting and hellish noise from grotesque man-made structures that have no place here and that is what I believe to be so tragic.

Ask yourself a question: if this vast and expensive project running into billions does not reduce fossil fuel usage and help prevent global warming then why are we doing it? If all the natural world had a choice what would they tell you? Mankind – the destructive force and the insatiable greed for gold.

Robert Sandison