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Don’t force BPU to approve wind farm

A bill in the Legislature would remove the ability of the state Board of Public Utilities to evaluate the financial impact of proposed offshore wind-generating facilities.

I find this to be very disturbing since one of the primary duties of the BPU is to ensure that the ratepayers of the state are not subject to paying excessive prices for regulated products like electricity.

The BPU has twice reviewed the proposed Fishermen’s Energy wind-farm project and found it to be not in the economic interests of the ratepaying public. But apparently this means little to our elected officials. They are following the lead of the Democratic administration in Washington to push alternative sources of energy regardless of cost.

After all, if the economics don’t work, they will just pass the costs on to you and me.

The federal government is already coming up with a $47 million aid package to help fund the project, which will force consumers to purchase power generated by the wind farm at above-market rates.

This current federal administration has pushed one failed alternative-energy project after another, and the costs of these experiments are all passed to you and me as part of the $18 trillion federal debt.

I do believe that there will be better ways to produce the energy we all need.

But the determination of how that is done and how it is paid for must be left to the professionals, and politicians should not be telling the professionals not to do their jobs.


Galloway Township