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I was appalled at the meeting I attended concerning wind turbines in Rush County.

Folks voiced their concerns and rejection of the very thought of our county being inundated with wind turbines. Some with the way our rural county would look, others with the health issues for the folks and animals living in close proximity and some with how very little concern there was for the people of this county, in comparison to the money it might bring.

It seems the Commissioners and the Board do not have time to be concerned with what is true, just how many $$$ they see. I have done long hours of research and will tell you the folks that will prosper from this are large land owners, but many will suffer. I am not willing to stand by and let this “just happen” to my community without doing all I can to stop this. I hope I will not be alone. Make your voice heard.

The Truth Will Make You Free,

Victoria Foley