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Wind farm not needed in Livingston County

The citizens of Livingston County pray that when the time comes for a vote on the Pleasant Ridge Wind Farm, that our voices have been heard. We hope board members are not pressured by others who have made up their minds before hearing the truth and facts simply because we already have wind farms. It is the duty of county board members to represent the people being threatened by this project.

We hope you don’t sell us out for jobs Invenergy claims they will bring to our county. Invenergy has testified that they haven’t used local labor (union or otherwise) before and they don’t plan to now.

Think about your own home and property. How would you feel if someone was proposing to build 400-plus-foot industrial structures 500 feet from your property line? How would you react to having high voltage transmission lines running parallel to your home; nobody asking your permission or for your input? A man’s home is his castle; what it would be like if you had no ability to protect your family?

Residents feel they have lost control of their own property. They depend on elected official to protect them. Isn’t that why you ran for county board; to represent the people?

Don’t jeopardize our homes, health and faith in our county representation for a project we don’t support. You may not live in the project area, but thousands of residents do and depend on you to be their voice.

Karen Branz