January 13, 2015

Port of Sheerness Wind Farm Ltd tight-lipped about turbine plans for Sheerness Docks

by Lewis Dyson | 12 January 2015 | www.kentonline.co.uk

The group behind a proposed wind farm in Sheerness Docks is remaining tight-lipped about its plans.

Last week we reported how Port of Sheerness Wind Farm Ltd submitted additional details related to proposals granted in March 2009 for four 125-metre tall wind turbines in Lappel Bank.

They involved a layout showing the site’s boundary and office facilities to be used by contractors and for the storage of equipment, which it says are to be used after March this year.

It also includes a piling risk assessment which is a report setting out how boring into the reclaimed land to be used for the turbines will be carried out.

The Times Guardian has approached the company, but it has declined to comment for the time being.

Queenborough and Halfway councillor Mick Constable (Lab) said: “My view is the same as it was when the wind farm was first put forward to the planning committee. That is, they are building it too close to residents in New Road and certainly too close to residents in Queenborough.

“The sound and flickering effects will affect a lot of people who live close to it.”

He said the planning application may have to be resubmitted because the permission might have expired but would likely be “rubber-stamped” because it had already been approved.

Cllr Constable added: “It’s annoying because we spent a lot of money in the town [Queenborough] in getting experts in just to prove that the distances that they were saying were safe, weren’t safe.”

It had been thought construction of the wind farm would have started in early 2011.

Peel Ports said in October 2011 it was not planning to proceed with the development in the short term.

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