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Wind project tower collapse

Regarding the Dec. 9 BDN article about equipment damage on Pigsah Mountain, the investigating trooper said the meteorological tower had fallen, but “there’s no evidence at this time that any crime was committed … We don’t know if [the bolts] just gave way or somebody actually loosened them.”

But Paul Fuller, the tower’s co-owner, believes the slender 196-foot tall metal structure was downed as an act of vandalism. He suspects: “The nuts and bolts from one [support] cable had been removed on one side.”

The trooper said (just) one of a dozen wires gave way, and there’s no evidence of foul play, but Fuller is still convinced that it had to be vandalism. He must believe that after five years of operation, there hasn’t been enough wind at the top of the mountain to have caused the tower to fall. Curious site choice for wind turbines.

Jack Gagnon