November 30, 2014

Work under way to replace turbine toppled by gales

Inverurie Herald | 29 November 2014 |

The owner of a wind turbine blown down by high winds near Methlick has confirmed that work to begin replacing the structure is under way.

One of the three turbines located near the former Cairnorrie School on the Methlick to New Deer road was toppled by gales earlier this month.

Turbine owner Wilth Dalgarno said that plans to put up a new turbine were ‘in hand’ and that the structure was blown over because of the wind.

Local resident David Richards noticed the structure lying in a field close to his property.

He told the Times: “I came down on Thursday morning (November 13) and noticed that the turbine was on the ground. It was certainly up on Wednesday afternoon so it must have happened some time between the night and Thursday morning. People came out at around 8.30/9am on Thursday to chop it up with a huge circular saw.

“Presumably something went wrong with the way it had been anchored to the ground.”

Mr Richards who has lived in Cairnorrie for almost nine years with his wife added that he has never been keen on the structures.

He said: “I can’t stand them (wind turbines). I think that they destroy the countryside. When we came here there weren’t any and now there are around 50 in the fields. More people came up on Wednesday, November 19 to partly dismantle the top of another turbine – I haven’t the foggiest what is going on there.”

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