November 28, 2014
Letters, Ontario

Wind turbines blight on landscape

The Windsor Star | Nov 28, 2014 |

Approaching the Tilbury/401 gateway from London is disheartening. The scattered, growing visual blight of wind turbines on the landscape has become readily apparent. Future ecological encroachments will grow out of control and destroy the tranquility of the pre-existing surrounds.

Ontario has an oversupply of unneeded electric power. It is reported that the province subsidized the sale of excess power to Manitoba, Quebec, New York and Michigan at a cost of $1 billion in 2013. The Queen’s Park opposition suggests the cost adds up to $220 a year per household.

It’s a double whammy attributable to ill-conceived legislation and regulation as to why, where and hows. It’s a pending environmental disaster subsidized by those that it will negatively affect. There are better ways to address future need.


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