November 12, 2014
Letters, Massachusetts

Baker well-positioned to stop wind farm

Cape Cod Times | November 12, 2014 |

Congratulations to Gov. Baker. I’m sure he is aware his huge plurality of votes on Cape Cod was critical for his win.

Why did that happen? The Cape is purple, not conservative. But we love this place and we try to be rational about these things. We heard Baker say he was once opposed to Cape Wind. Now would be a good time to do something about it.

The wind farm boondoggle exists because of political ideology. There is no rational explanation for it; it is a looming disaster for the Cape.

The present governor used extortion to force the electric grid companies to subsidize the wind farm with power purchase rates three times other generating costs. Without that ratepayer subsidy and the various tax subsidies, the project will collapse into the dustbin of crony capitalism. We need to make that happen before it is built.

Wind farms will soon be obsolete because of the coming resurgence of clean nuclear and natural gas-generated power. Power generation will get cheaper everywhere, except for subsidized wind farms. Wind power will then cost five times as much, making wind farms obsolete in just a few years.

I urge Mr. Baker not to wait for that. Stop that wind farm!

James A. Wills


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