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Livingston County wind farm not wanted

As research continues to be done on existing wind farms around the country and around the world, I find it difficult to locate any evidence to show that it has proved to be a positive experience. In fact, it makes me lean more and more to the idea that the negatives grossly outweigh any potential positives.

Why can’t we learn from the mistakes of others rather than continue down this path? It is evident that wind farms cause health issues, decreased property values, problems for livestock and prohibit wildlife. Most of us choose to live in this beautiful rural countryside where it is peaceful and the landscape is wide open.

If you haven’t done any research on your own, I suggest you simply Google Shirley Wind Farm. It is in Wisconsin and the people there will tell it like it is. We even have people closer to Livingston County that have spoken and tried to share their stories with those around us, including our Livingston County Board. These people are not getting paid to share what they have gone through nor is there anything for them to gain by giving us the facts. Let’s learn from the mistakes of others and not support Invenergy.

Kathy Fehr