October 27, 2014
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Threat to burial ground on route to wind farm

Toni Devine, 27 Oct 2014

The developer who is building the wind farm at Crockbrack Hill has put in another application (PA 1451131) to amend the height and blade of the turbines. In this application he includes a map that shows the route from Noone’s bridge past Ballinacrae Chapel into the Long Glen.

One local resident has said:

I have recently had sight of the transport route of the wind turbines destined for Crockbrack Hill, near Kinnagoe Bay.

The most disturbing aspect of the plan is to cut through the field at the Ballinacrae Chapel to widen and build up the road to take the weight, width and length of lorries carrying turbines, cranes and concrete.

This passes very, very close to the site of the old Ballinacrae chapel and graveyard which is still in use across the road from the new chapel and new graveyard.

What concerns me is that in my generation many of us know of relatives who died before baptism and in later life in tragic circumstances who were not buried on consecrated ground. It was traditional custom and practise for burials in children’s graves or along the hedges and walls on the outside of graveyards.

I go cold at the thought of a contractor digging up human bones of all ages and discarding them in a pile of rubble to be dumped in a pit on Crockbrack hill.

Another local resident said:

Two years ago we went to local councillors and they knew nothing about the wind farm or the route. Since then they have promised that the tree in Moville would be saved from having to be chopped down to get the wind turbine around the corner. And now this. This is far more upsetting.

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