October 16, 2014
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Say your piece when asked

Cochrane Eagle | Oct 16, 2014 | www.cochraneeagle.com

I write this in response to the article about the results of the renewable energy framework report/study and the public consultation being held Oct. 20.

The report outlines five renewable energy options (residential and commercial) and describes the pros and cons of each. You can request a copy from the town if you are interested in renewable energy.

The comments in the report that caught my eye: “Cochrane has one of the best solar resources in Canada”, “wind turbines have a negative return on investment (for the average house owner), “in some cases (turbines) present environmental, social or community challenges” and “wind resource in Cochrane is considered marginal to poor quality.”

Yes, I am talking about the wind turbine again – the turbine proposed by Cochrane High School that they are looking to put up in front of my home and the schools where my children attend.

Most people look at the wind turbine project as “green energy”, however, most don’t realize that the projected cost saving annually was targeted at $800. Most people don’t realize the concerns we (No Turbine in Town) have about the proximity of this 60-foot structure to our homes and to where children will be congregating in a populated urban environment.

We want people to think about many other forms of power generation that are more suited to residential areas and are much better ways to generate green energy successfully in an urban environment.

Being green in not just installing solar panels or wind turbines, it’s about reducing your carbon footprint. Turning off lights you are not using, recycling, walking instead of driving and not wasting or destroying what we have.

Personally, I look forward to the public consultation and I hope that others do too. The town really does want to hear what people think.

I truly encourage all citizens of Cochrane to get involved and share their perspectives Oct. 20. You should talk if they want to listen.

Brenda Samborski

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