October 10, 2014
Letters, New Hampshire

Corporate bulles

Letter: Corporate bullies Concord Monitor | Friday, October 10, 2014 | www.concordmonitor.com

“Include views of local communities in siting of energy projects.” Those are the words of our governor; they are not being respected by the corporate bullies of Energais de Portugal, an industrial wind company with headquarters in Portugal, planning to install 492-foot tall wind turbine towers on the ridge lines of Alexandria and Hebron.

After the Tuesday, Sept. 30, meeting with members of the Alexandria Board of Selectmen, residents are feeling complete frustration over the situation Energais de Portugal has put us in. We want to fight them but were forced to realize that in debate over the permitting of a meteorological tower, we cannot win. Our town currently has no zoning. We see ourselves as being bullied by a multinational company that has no respect or consideration for the population.

When our town said it would not sign a permit for an unwanted meteorological tower, Energais de Portugal initiated legal action. Now they have forced the hand of our selectmen, knowing full well the majority of citizens are opposed as well as the board members themselves. This put the entire community in a very uncomfortable position Tuesday night.

Energais de Portugal is a bigger bully than ever imagined.

Really annoyed? Yes, we are. Disgusted? Again, yes we are. Will we continue to express our opposition and our right to steer our own ship? Absolutely. Remember the governor’s words.



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