September 30, 2014

Bala 80m wind mast prompts MoD map change

BBC News | 30 September 2014 |

A mast to measure wind speed to be erected in Gwynedd will be so high the Ministry of Defence will have to change its aeronautical charts and maps.

The 80.2m (263ft) anemometer mast, which will also record wind direction, was given the go-ahead by Gwynedd council planners in Pwllheli.

It will be situated on farmland at Bodelith Isaf, and will have cables stretching up to 50m from its base.

It is likely to be used to test whether the site is suitable for wind turbines.

The Ministry of Defence said it did not object to the mast but said the height would mean its aeronautical charts and mapping records would need to be amended.

It also requested that the structure be fitted with aviation warning lights.

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