September 28, 2014
Letters, Wyoming

I hate wind farms

Eiserman: I hate wind farms | Casper Star-Tribune Online | September 27, 2014 |

I hate wind farms and you should, too. The towers, with their rotating blades, kill thousands of birds from humming birds to eagles as well as being disruptive to the surrounding environment. If you would like to exterminate bats, wind farms are the way to go.

If this were not enough, from the standpoint of the taxpayer, government subsidies have provided $1.2 billion in charity to 435 new wind energy projects. This to help wind power industries in hopes that one day they will undercut fossil fuels and drastically reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being put into the atmosphere. At the Brookings Institution and MIT, “number crunchers” find that wind farms are almost one of the most expensive forms of energy facilities. Because the wind doesn’t blow all the time, especially at high-demand hours other forms of expensive energy facilities most be kept hanging around.

At least one green energy developer recognizes that these subsidies programs have a record of doing more harm than good (Patrick Jenevein, Tang Energy Group). He notes that government subsidies to wind farms have made the industry less focused on reducing costs. In turn the industry produces a product that isn’t as efficient or cheap as it might be if focused less on working the political system and more on research and development.

If wind farms take over as a primary source of electric power, we will pay more for electricity.


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