September 20, 2014

New wind farm plan could see 43 turbines near village

The Southern Reporter | 20 September 2014 |

There is the prospect of up to 43 wind turbines being erected close to Westruther following the production of initial plans for a third wind farm.

An application to the council for a scoping opinion on a scheme for up to 10 turbines at Weetfoot Bog, between Westruther and Duns, has been submitted.

It follows an earlier application from West Coast Energy for the erection of an 80m wind monitoring mast on the site.

The scoping application is to enable the developers to ascertain what local issues should be dealt with in a future environmental impact assessment.

The proposed wind farm is adjacent to the Inch Moor scheme, which itself neighbours the proposed 14-turbine Black Rig wind farm.

The Black Rig scheme was subject to a scoping application at the end of last year, while the developers of the 19-turbine Inch Moor wind farm intend to submit a scoping application this year.

In total, should the three schemes, all proposed by different developers, come to fruition and be approved then the area would see up to 43 turbines erected.

In the response to the Weetfoot Bog mast application, Scottish Natural Heritage has stated its objection.

The concerns relate to some 18,000 pink-footed geese that winter in the Greenlaw Moor Special Protection Area, and the dangers of them colliding with the mast’s guy ropes, or the diversion of them from their usual routes.

SNH has recommended that if the application is approved a condition should be that bird deflectors are fitted to the mast’s guy ropes to ensure that the geese can see them, and so avoid any collisions.

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