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Wind park near homes bad idea

I live in Greenwich Township, in Huron County. I wish to state my opposition to the pending Greenwich Wind Park LLC project.

As a 42-year resident and property owner at this location, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought the powers that be in our great state of Ohio could consider subjecting homeowners to the dangers and unsightly existence of wind turbines in front and backyards.

According to the map layout, Turbine No. 18 would be located approximately 2,000 feet to the northeast of my house, Turbine No. 21 would be located approximately 3,500 feet northwest of my house, and Turbine No. 17 would be located approximately 2,400 feet southeast of my house.

I am concerned about the low-frequency constant noise levels that may affect the health of my wife, Loretta, and myself. I’m worried about possible ice castoff from the turbine blades.

Wildlife will surely be affected.

Medical helicopters and field planting and spraying can no longer happen. I’m sure property values would be impacted.

Who would want to purchase a home in the middle of a wind park? Would you?

From what I understand, a wind park cannot be constructed and operated without government-approved tax credits. As I understand, turbines will not run full capacity.

Wind does not blow all the time. They will draw power from the grid to operate.

Their power contribution will be small compared to their cost. Power will be expensive for cooperative electric companies to purchase.

I’m asking the board members to search your hearts and not put Greenwich Wind Park LLC project, Case No. 13-0990-EL-BGN, on the backs of the good people of the Greenwich area.

—Leslie and Loretta Somsak
Greenwich Township